When you just can’t articulate what you need to say, I can help.

I'm a tone-of-voice expert and experienced content writer.

There’s a missing piece of your digital marketing strategy - good written content.

Good content is not what you want to say, but what your very best customers want to hear.  There's something else - good content is written in a tone that reflects the brand. Tone is not what is said, but how it is said.

Figuring these things out takes a little work, but that's the fun part. We do this work in my workshops - check them out below.

Audience and
tone-of-voice workshops

Unless you truly understand the world of the person you’re talking to, anything you write is just blah blah blah, so that’s the starting point for our Audience Workshop - the reader (your potential customer). Words come later, but when they do come, how should they sound? Like you? Like me? Like a brand? Your brand. In the Tone-of-Voice Workshop we’ll find your brand tone of voice and I’ll show you how to use it.


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Other ways I can help...

I write from scratch and edit others' work. I help my clients put together winning bids in tender processes, and help them enter award and funding programmes. I script videos including VR videos, tell stories and bring the past to life.