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Audience and Tone-of-Voice Workshop

Hitting the Target...  
the Audience Workshop

Isn’t it our dream to work only with the customers we can truly help the most? They tend to be the happiest with our work or product, see the transformation it makes to their lives, write glowing testimonials and refer us to their networks. I call this customer your bullseye customer. It might not be your most common customer type but it’s the one that brings the most bang for buck.

This workshop helps business owners paint a picture of that bullseye customer. There can be different bullseye customers for different products or services. In this workshop we’ll get to know them intimately. We'll answer questions like What’s the problem you can help them with? Where do they look for information about your product or service? Who influences their decisions?

Together, we’ll discover what these real or imagined customers want or need to know about your product or service and that’s what we write about. That’s what makes compelling copy. That’s what makes copy that converts.

To book the workshop, pay a 50 per cent deposit today.
Workshop breakdown
Get to know your bullseye customer and get clarity on:
  • Who exactly your best customers are
  • What problem they experience that you can help them solve
  • What they need to hear from you to get them over the line
  • Who or what influences their decisions
  • Where they look for information about your product or service

Hitting the Right Tone...
the Tone-of-Voice Workshop

You’re in expansion mode and have invested in a digital marketing strategy. You have your brand guidelines, your values, mission and vision. You’ve  got consultants in and spent a lot of money, yet somehow your messaging doesn’t capture the essence of your brand. Sounds like you’ve got a tone-of-voice problem.  More precisely, you don’t have a tone of voice. Remember, tone is not what is said but how, and it's an important part of branding. Just look at Innocent or Ryanair.  

In Hitting the Right Tone, we analyse the various factors that influence your brand’s tone, like the voice of the founder, the sector, the mission, vision and values. Through this process we will identify tone-of-voice traits that make up your brand’s unique voice.

Then we’ll look at the things you have to say – your key messages – and ‘translate’ them into your brand tone. One of the most valuable things about doing this workshop is that you will walk away with brand tone-of-voice guidelines that you can share with everyone in the organisation, and especially with the content creators, so that channelling the tone is not another thing that you become responsible for.

Book this workshop by paying a 50 per cent deposit today.
Workshop breakdown
  • What makes tone of voice
  • How your brand speaks – your brand tone of voice
  • How to apply your brand tone of voice in your everyday messaging
  • How your competitors speak and how you can differentiate yourself

The Whole Shebang...
Audience and Tone-of-Voice Workshop

We should start by figuring out who you need to spend your time and money talking to - agreed?
So we identify your very best audience, understanding what they need from you and where they go to find out information about your products or services.
audience workshop
Now you know who you’re talking to and what to say, we help you define how you say it - your brand tone of voice.
tone-of-voice workshop

Learn how to hit the target AND hit the right note

They say...

"I am always amazed and enthralled at her ability to capture the essence of the ideas I want to convey in a way I did not think possible when I was writing the original draft."
Kevin Fahey, owner, Essence of Leadership
"The service was extremely professional, Eilish was able to work to our project deadline and within budget. "
Lisa Bothwell, co-owner, Bothwell and Vogel
Eilish's skill is not exclusive to writing. She is an attentive researcher; a deft stakeholder manager; and can interpret audience needs and develop an appropriate tone of voice for the written content."
Brian Hickey, Creative Design Studio Owner

Other ways I can help...

I write from scratch and edit others' work. I help my clients put together winning bids in tender processes, and help them enter award and funding programmes. I script videos including VR videos, tell stories and bring the past to life.

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