Brian Hickey, Creative Design Studio Owner/Manager

I've worked with Eilish Rafferty since 2014 across a range of project types that required content creation solutions. These included websites, brochures, exhibitions and virtual reality films.

During this time Eilish wrote the scripts for a number Virtual Reality films. She developed the characters through their dialogue, being mindful of pace and action. At all times Eilish was aware of the 360 environment in her writing, providing detail for every aspect of the scenes, from environments to set pieces, and from props to supporting cast. This proved invaluable for the 3D artist and animation teams as they created and assembled the movies.

Eilish's skill is not exclusive to writing. She is an attentive researcher; a deft stakeholder manager; and can interpret audience needs and develop an appropriate tone of voice for the written content.

Whether a project requires content for corporate or local government communications, or creating engaging, dramatic content, Eilish Rafferty has proved to be diverse creative partner and I look forward to continuing working with her.

Dara Lynne Lenehan, owner, EPIC interpretative design

I have had the good fortune to work with Eilish Rafferty on a variety of projects over the past five years. Her writing ability is phenomenal and her understanding of tone is excellent. In addition to writing interpretative material based on primary and secondary sources, she is a precise proof-reader and copy-editor of the work of others. We hope Eilish will continue to work with us at EPIC. 


Lisa Bothwell, co-owner, Bothwell and Vogel (Graphic design agency)
We recently worked with Rafferty Writes on a creative project. The service was extremely professional, Eilish was able to work to our project deadline and within budget. Our client found Eilish's advice gave them cause to revisit the content and they were delighted with the proposed copy solution, as were Bothwell & Vogel.

Kevin Fahey, owner, Essence of Leadership

I have made use of Eilish’s unique talents for the past five years to edit my blogs and to help write up my ideas for my website. I am always amazed and enthralled at her ability to capture the essence of the ideas I want to convey in a way I did not think possible when I was writing the original draft. The feedback from readers has been exceptional and enabled me target new markets I would have previously considered beyond my wildest dreams.  As a result of utilising her skills I have got many new clients and more importantly cemented my business relationships with existing clients.

Tone of Voice

Fergal Doyle, Chief Commercial Officer, Arboretum Home and Garden Heaven

As part of her work with us, Eilish undertook an analysis of our tone of voice. I found this a fascinating exercise. She looked at our vision, mission and values, our customer personas and how we were communicating with our customers up to that point. We now have a distinct, defined tone of voice for Arboretum. This was a critical piece of work at that point in our history as we stepped up our comms strategy to fully embrace digital marketing. Eilish continues to support us with content that is true to the Arboretum tone of voice.

Michael Hegarty, Transformational Coach

In my business, striking the correct tone of voice is critical to my success. With Eilish, I had somebody passionate about what she does and equipped with years of experience. Her coaching style in her interactions supports her client in building an awareness of their unique tone of voice. She is patient but focused on the process, empathetic but direct when needed and a strong communicator combined with superb listening skills. Anybody serious about their business voice must speak to her first!  I highly recommend her services.

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