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I write from scratch and edit others' work. I help my clients put together winning bids in tender processes, and help them enter award and funding programmes. I script videos (including VR videos), tell stories and bring the past to life.

Writing from scratch

‘Paper never refused ink,' they say. ‘If only I knew what to write,' you say. You have all these channels to feed, all these posts to write, and that cursed cursor blinks mercilessly at you as the clock ticks, and nothing comes. I can help.


Copy-editing is for people who don’t just want error-free writing, they want their writing to be the best it can possibly be; well organised, clear, efficient, and maybe even a little bit stylish. Given that it’s very hard to see our own errors, it’s advisable to invite a fresh pair of eyes to the party.

Visitor attractions and VR script writing

Stakeholder engagement, audience engagement, research, sifting through the avalanche of facts to find the stories that will grab people, stop them in their tracks and make them think, long after they’ve left: writing is just one small part of this work.

Writing tenders, award or grant submissions

Tender bids and grant applications can take a tremendous amount of time and effort to pull together. If you’re not winning any, it may be time to take a cold look at the quality of your submissions.

They say...

"I am always amazed and enthralled at her ability to capture the essence of the ideas I want to convey in a way I did not think possible when I was writing the original draft."
Kevin Fahey, owner, Essence of Leadership
"The service was extremely professional, Eilish was able to work to our project deadline and within budget. "
Lisa Bothwell, co-owner, Bothwell and Vogel
Eilish's skill is not exclusive to writing. She is an attentive researcher; a deft stakeholder manager; and can interpret audience needs and develop an appropriate tone of voice for the written content."
Brian Hickey, Creative Design Studio Owner

My work

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